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The Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation is pleased to introduce TaxPlace, an online subscription service offering members access to a host of timely, practical tax resources. TaxPlace is designed to be a 24/7 go-to resource for farm and urban tax professionals.  CALT’s unique focus on both agricultural and tax law allows us to offer unparalleled farm tax coverage to our subscribers.

We are offering a one-year subscription to TaxPlace for the rate of $150. This one-year subscription to TaxPlace entitles you and your staff to a full calendar year (from the date of your subscription) of unlimited access to all TaxPlace materials and services, including:

  • A searchable database of timely articles and seminar materials explaining basic, new, and complex tax issues, with a particular emphasis on issues impacting farmers, ranchers, and ag-businesses.
  • Unlimited replays of recorded seminars and webinars addressing timely and challenging farm and urban income tax issues, as well as estate planning and business succession planning concepts.
  • Tables, charts, explanations of procedures and forms, and contact information to simplify your interaction with the Internal Revenue Service or state tax departments.
  • Archives of “the Scoop,” a bi-monthly live webinar that addresses new tax laws and procedures as they develop and also provides attendees of the live webinar with an opportunity to ask questions.

Why is TaxPlace a subscription service?

Although CALT is part of Iowa State University, our work is wholly supported by the money we bring in through seminars and donations. We are excited to offer this new service to tax professionals, but must be able to cover the extra costs associated with its creation and maintenance. We have attempted to keep the price for this new service as low as possible, and we look forward to continuing to expand its offerings.

What will happen to the CALT Website?

Absolutely nothing. The CALT website will continue to offer important legal articles, case summaries, and other materials analyzing agricultural law and taxation. We will continue to offer this material without charge. TaxPlace goes the next step to bring content we've never offered to an audience that can apply it directly to their business. Tax professionals and business planners, especially those dealing with farming issues, can now view our seminar and webinar replays in the comfort of their offices or homes at any time they choose. They can also access seminar materials, articles, and booklets that have in the past been offered for a charge on a per-item basis. Links to TaxPlace articles may appear on the CALT website. When they do, an asterisk will note that the article is premium content.

Terms and Conditions

Access to TaxPlace is available immediately upon registration and payment.This is an online-only product with no shipping or delivery.

A TaxPlace subscription will run for one year (from the date of your subscription) and will not automatically renew. Subscribers will receive several email renewal reminders as the end of the one-year subscription period approaches.

A subscription can be used by all employees at each business location of a particular company or firm. If a company has multiple locations, we do require a separate subscription for each site.

Subscribers’ privacy and security is important to us. TaxPlace subscribers are protected by the policies set forth in our Customer Data Privacy Statement.

All TaxPlace payment transactions are completed through the secure site TouchNet uPay, a third party processor. Iowa State University's Center for Agricultural Law & Taxation does not store or see your credit card number at any time.

TaxPlace subscribers agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Subscribers who are not satisfied with their TaxPlace subscription may request a refund within 48 hours by contacting Angela at Because access to TaxPlace immediately grants users to the entire database of proprietary information, no refunds beyond the 48-hour period will be issued.

All currency is in U.S. Dollars.

CALT does not provide legal advice. Any information provided on this website is not intended to be a substitute for legal services from a competent professional. CALT's work is supported by fee-based seminars and generous private gifts. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in the material contained on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of Iowa State University.

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