Webinar Replay - Understanding the Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Other Related Issues

Kristy S. Maitre
May 16, 2017

In this webinar replay, Kristy reviews the following information:

  • Common Questions: 
    • Do You Need an EIN?  
    • Do You Need a New EIN?
    • How to Apply for an EIN
    • How Long Will it Take to Get a Number?
    • Lost or Misplaced Your EIN?
    • How EINs are Assigned and Valid EIN Prefixes
    • Canceling an EIN – Closing Your Account
    • Who is a Responsible Party?
  • What is an EIN (employer identification number)
  • Special Rules
  • Form 8832
  • Domestic Default Rule
  • Online Application
  • Form SS-4
  • Typical Times an EIN is Needed

Federal Identification Number webinar3 per page.pdf

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