September Seminar Day 1: Agricultural Law Seminar

September 23, 2020

In this one day seminar, we covered current legal issues relevant to all agricultural attorneys including:

  • Eldon McAfee: Legal Issues Impacting Livestock Producers in 2020
  • Dr. Chad Hart: Impact of COVID-19 on the Farm Economy
  • Michael Fiedling & Leslie Miller: Considerations When Helping Clients Work with Agricultural Lenders
  • Jeffery Fetter & Dario Arezzo: Entity Planning with Farm Program Payments and Taxes in Mind
  • Wayne Reames: Iowa's New Trust Law Provisions
  • Kristine Tidgren & Kitt Tovar: Case Law and Legislative Update
  • Jesse Richardson & Anthony Schutz: Review of Water-Related Developments (County of Maui case, Navigable Waters Protection Rule, and Missouri River Litigation)
  • Erin Herbold-Swalwell: Wetland Litigation Considerations
  • Pat Dillon:An Update from the Field on Iowa’s New Partition Law
  • Kitt Tovar: Ethics for the Rural Practitioner


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