The Scoop - May 3, 2017

Kristy S. Maitre
May 3, 2017

The following topics were reviewed on May 3 in The Scoop: Hot Issues from the Front Line

  • Basics of Trump’s tax Plan
  • Filing Season stats
  • Problem with CP 575 EIN Assignment Letter
  • Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee
  • Rev Proc 2017-30
  • IRS Provides Tips on Determining If It's Really The IRS At Your Door
  • New Correspondence Audit On Its Way
  • Practitioner Priority Service – what numbers to push
  • American Health Care Act –overview and the proposed amendments
  • Information from the Kaiser Family Foundation
  • Arrests in ID Theft Rings
  • Federal Trade Commission ID Theft Reporting

the scoop may 3 corrected version3 per page.pdf

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