The Scoop - August 16, 2017

Kristy Maitre
August 16, 2017

Kristy reviewed the following topics on the August 16 Scoop:

  • New Appeals FAQ on cycle audits
  • Audit of Pass through Entities
  • Letters for ITINS
  • Brain Drain
  • Allocation of Estimated Tax Payments
  • Form 8886‐ Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement
  • TIGTA Report ‐ Potential Employer Underreported Tax Not Being Addressed
  • CAWR Matching Process
  • IRS staffing issues
  • Planned Outage for all e‐Services Users
  • Iowa Accountancy Examining Board Rule Changes
  • Reminder: Letter Ruling, etc. Fees Will Have to be Paid Electronically after August 15
  • IRS Frequently Asked Questions Can Be a Trap for the Unwary
  • North Dakota and Michigan disasters

August 16 Scoop PowerPoint.pdf


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