Slides and Resources for Wisconsin Tax Schools

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Day One Intro Slides.pdf

Chapters 1 and 2 - QBI.pdf

Chapter 3 - Ethics - Broyles.pdf

Chapter 3 - Ethics - Wundrow.pdf

Chapter 4 - LLCs.pdf

Chapter 5 - Real Estate Issues.pdf

Chapter 6 - Trusts and Estates.pdf

Chapter 7 - Religous Issues.pdf

Chapter 8 - Individual Issues.pdf

Chapter 9 - Retirement Issues.pdf

Chapter-10- IRS Issues.pdf

Chapter-11-Business Issues.pdf

Chapters 12 and 15 - New Legislation and Rulings and Cases.pdf

Chapter 13 - International Issues.pdf

Other Resources

Supplemental Tables and Charts and Resources

Updated Rates and Tables Chapter

Extended Charts and Tables for 2019 Tax Schools Final.pdf