April 2019

April 2019

Iowa's 2019 Legislative Session Ends

Iowa Hemp Act Would Pave Way for Future Hemp Production

The Iowa Legislature has now sent SF 599, the Iowa Hemp Act, to the Governor. Passed by an overwhelming majority, the bill, once signed, would pave the way for future legal production of industrial hemp within the state. This passage, however, is just one in a series of hurdles that must be crossed before growers can legally plant and market industrial hemp within the State of Iowa.

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Iowa Legislature Passes Bill to Regulate Tax Return Preparers

On April 24, 2019, the Iowa Legislature passed HF 590, a bill to regulate tax return preparers. If the bill is signed by the Governor, the new requirements would take effect 01/01/2020. Beginning on or after this date, “tax return preparers” (TRPs) would be required to include their federal PTIN on any Iowa tax return or claim for refund they prepare. A $50 penalty would apply to each violation unless the TRP can show that the violation was reasonable under the circumstances and not willful or reckless. The maximum penalty could not exceed $25,000 for any calendar year. The TRPs would also be required to complete at least 15 hours of continuing education each year.

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Bill Sent to Governor Will Enhance Iowa's Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Program

Last week, the Iowa House and Senate passed HF 768, a bill to enhance Iowa’s Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Program. Once signed by the Governor, the new law will strengthen a program that faced significant cuts in 2018. Under the bill, the Iowa Finance Authority may issue up to $12 million in tax credit certificates each tax year, an increase from $6 million under 2018 law.  Notably, the $7.9 million in agreements that existed as of the end of calendar year 2018 are not included as part of the new $12 million cap. The bill changes the formal name of the program to the “Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Program” from the credit named the “agricultural assets transfer tax credit.” The program will continue to provide tax credits to eligible Iowa taxpayers who lease agricultural land (and associated improvements or equipment) to qualified beginning farmers.

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2019 Iowa Legislative Session: Bills Impacting Agriculture

During Iowa’s 2019 Legislative Session that ended Saturday, April 27, legislators passed a number of bills impacting agricultural producers and rural landowners. This post reviews the highlights.

When Will the Syngenta Settlement Payments Issue?

It’s a fair question. The $1.5 billion Syngenta settlement was approved December 7, 2018, and the settlement agreement specified that payments could issue as early as the second quarter of 2019. Now that we are in that second quarter, do we know when the payments will issue?

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Where are the 199A Rules for Agricultural Cooperatives and Their Patrons?

The proposed rules were sent for review to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs on April 2, and remain "pending review" at the end of April. We will keep you posted!


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