USDA institutes poultry surveillance to combat bird flu

October 19, 2006 | Roger McEowen


In late September, the USDA instituted a voluntary program with financial incentives designed to control the less deadly form of bird flu in non-breeding poultry.

Participating large commercial poultry producers and states will be reimbursed 100 percent for detection and eradication efforts for the less deadly strain of bird flu, whereas non-participating large producers and states will be reimbursed only 25 percent of these costs. USDA is targeting the less-deadly strain of bird flu because of the possibility that it can mutate into a more deadly strain with the potential to damage significantly the poultry industry and cause public health problems. A similar program is already in effect for breeding poultry. The USDA published an interim rule in the Federal Register on September 26.  Public comment concerning the rule must be received on or before November 27, 2006.

Download the interim rule: BirdFluProgram.pdf