Local Board Rules That Wind Turbine Lowers Adjacent Property Value

February 6, 2007 | Roger McEowen


A local Vermont Board of Civil Authority (BCA) has ruled that a wind turbine reduced the value of adjacent property by 10 percent for real property tax purposes.  The evidence showed that the wind turbine was within 300 feet of the petitioner’s home, and the petitioner claimed that the turbine’s noise, blinking light, glare from the blades, and resulting vibrations decreased the home’s value.  Before reaching their decision, the BCA sent a committee of three persons to visit the petitioner’s property to evaluate the situation.  The committee reported back that the turbine produced constant sound and flashing lights from its turning blades, and recommended an eight percent reduction in valuation of the petitioner’s property.  Orleans County Vermont, Town of Derby, Board of Civil Authority Ruling, November 2007.