IRS Announces Delays In Filing Returns for Some Taxpayers

January 24, 2011 | Roger McEowen


Due to IRS processing delays caused by late 2010 enactment of tax legislation, some taxpayers will not be able to file 2010 returns until the latter half of February.  The IRS has announced that those taxpayers that will be impacted include those that file Schedule A (itemized deductions), those taxpayers claiming tuition and fees deductions (Form 8917), and those claiming the schoolteacher deduction (Form 1040, line 23 or 1040A, line 16. 
IRS will announce when they are able to start processing these returns.  The delays impact both paper filed returns and those that are electronically filed.  However, for those taxpayers not impacted by the processing delays, IRS will begin accepting e-file and Free File returns on Jan. 14.  IRS News Release 2011-1.   

Update:  On January 20, IRS issued another news release (2011-7) stating the returns in question can be submitted for processing effective February 14.