Iowa-Sourced Income

September 8, 2008 | Roger McEowen


The Iowa Department of Revenue (IDOR) has issued a memorandum dealing with several questions about Iowa-sourced income.  In the memo, IDOR noted that a business conducted in Iowa is subject to Iowa income tax even though the person conducting the business lives out-of-state.  Also, IDOR reasoned that a real estate commission for the sale of Iowa property that is earned by a real estate agent who was physically present in Iowa when the sale was made is Iowa-sourced income.  Likewise, income earned from Iowa clients by an out-of-state accountant for services performed outside of Iowa is not Iowa-sourced income.  IDOR also noted that an out-of-state broker with agents in Iowa that sells Iowa real estate has Iowa sourced-income on the commissions.  Iowa Department of Revenue (Memo. 2008-19357)(Jun. 30, 2008)