Filing Proof of Claims in the VeraSun Bankruptcy

May 11, 2009 | Roger McEowen


The VeraSun Energy Corp. Bankruptcy filing last fall rocked the ethanol world.  Now the matter has progressed to a point where debtors can file a proof of claim form with VeraSun Energy Corp.  The deadline for filing a Proof of Claim form for rejected corn contracts is May 25 or 30 days after a corn contract has been rejected, whichever is later.  The Proof of Claim form to use is Form No. 10 of the Official Bankruptcy Forms (VeraSun form.pdf).  The form will have to be mailed in - a facsimile is not acceptable, and the form cannot be submitted electronically. 

Here's a checklist to use when filling out a claim form:

  1. Make sure to file the form in the correct case with the correct debtor number (list of debtor names and associated case numbers: Verasun Names.pdf   If you have claims against multiple debtors, a separate Proof of Claim Form must be filed in each separate case.
  2. Sign the Proof of Claim Form.
  3. Attach all supporting documentation, or at least a summary of supporting documentation.  If nothing is attached, make sure to explain why.
  4. Complete the Proof of Claim Form in English.
  5. Make sure to use United States currency for the amount of your asserted claim.

Here's the mailing address for filing your Proof of Claim Form:

     VeraSun Energy Corporation, et al.
     Claims Processing Department
     c/o Kurtzman Carlson Consultants, LLC
     2335 Alaska Avenue
     El Segundo, CA 90245

If you would like to read the Bankruptcy Court's Order of April 2 specifying the details of filing proof of claims: Verasun Motion.pdf