Wife Not Estopped from Challenging Husband’s Alleged Divorce-Related Expenses Because She Signed Tax Return Claiming Same Expenses.

In a divorce proceeding, the husband submitted expenses for reimbursement that he incurred in caring for cattle that he owned with his wife before their sale. The trial court awarded him only some of his requested expenses, and the husband appealed. On review, the court affirmed, finding that it was for the trial court to make determinations as to the credibility of the husband’s assertions. The court also declined to adopt a rule of quasi-estoppel and find that since the wife signed a tax return on which the same expenses were claimed by the husband, she should have been estopped from complaining as to the validity of the same expenses in the divorce action. Else v. Else, No. A-13-156, 2014 Neb. App. LEXIS 106 (Neb. Ct. App. Jun. 10, 2014).