Voga v. Younes, No. 3-1021/13-0657, 2013 Iowa App. LEXIS 1215 (Iowa Ct. App. Nov. 20, 2013)

(plaintiffs filed a quiet title action, seeking to establish that the true boundary line separating the parties’ properties was a survey line, not a dilapidated fence; the court upheld a trial court’s finding that defendants proved their ownership of the disputed parcel under a theory of “acquiescence,” pursuant to Iowa Code § 650.14; the evidence showed that there had been “mutual recognition” by two adjoining landowners for 10 years or more that a line, definitely marked by a fence, was the dividing line between them; defendants had farmed and tended to the disputed strip for at least 20 years, and plaintiffs’ predecessors never disputed the use or asserted their ownership interests in the property).

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