Turner v. Steele, 282 P.3d 632 (Kan. Ct. App. 2012)

(law firm awarded state court judgment against debtor in 2000; non-party bank received federal court default judgment against same debtor in 2001; both judgments properly recorded; bank promptly sought sheriff’s sale of property; property sold and redeemed; ten years later law firm sought sheriff’s sale of same property; landowners who redeemed property in bank action sought stay of sheriff’s sale in district court in which law firm’s judgment was entered pending outcome of quiet title action in district court in which real property is located; district court denied stay of sheriff’s sale finding landowners lacked standing and denied their motion to intervene in law firm’s lawsuit; landowners appealed; appellate court held landowners did have standing because as owners of property they have a protectable interest in the property that must be heard before a judicial ruling clouds their title; appellate court also held district court abused its discretion by failing to stay proceedings until quiet title matter resolved; of particular concern to court was law firm’s unexplained ten year delay in seeking to execute).