Stickdorn v. Zook, et al., 957 N.E.2d 1014 (Ind. Ct. App. 2011)

(defendants built dairy in 2003 that included milking parlor constructed 15 feet from plaintiff's house; upon emptying manure pit in 2004, rotten egg stench and raw sewage permeated plaintiffs' home; conduct repeatedly continued until farm sold; negligence (personal injury), trespass and nuisance claims filed in 2009; negligence claim time-barred by two-year statute of limitations, but nuisance and trespass claims not time-barred by six-year statute of limitations because they were continuous and reoccurring; in footnote, court noted that state (IN) Right-To-Farm Act inapplicable to dispute between two farmers and also when the alleged nuisance results from negligent operation of farm). 

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