Steel Farms, Inc. v Croft & Reed, Inc., No. 37776, 2012 Ida. LEXIS 38 (Idaho Jan. 27, 2012)

(farm corporation had multi-year lease with an option to purchase the property at the conclusion of the lease; corporation exercised option and immediately sold property to another entity; court concluded subsequent sale was a separate transaction after the corporation exercised its option to purchase under the lease, and was not a prohibited assignment of the option; court concluded that handwritten change written upon the original lease and initialed by representatives from both parties to the lease was valid additional language that both parties had agreed upon; court remanded for a question regarding authority of one party to act as an agent; agreement was also ambiguous regarding when the option was to be exercised, so parol evidence was necessary to determine intent of the parties; case also remanded for factual determination of whether an irrigation system was a fixture or personal property as it was not addressed in the lease and irrigation systems are not fixtures as a matter of law).

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