State v. Hansen, 805 N.W.2d 915 (Minn. Ct. App. 2011)

(defendant's conviction of using bait to hunt deer reversed; defendant is vegetable farmer that raises produce for local grocery stores and for two produce stands that he operates; defendant's practice is to leave one field fallow each year and use spoiled or unsold vegetables as "green manure"; defendant had dumped unsold pumpkins on field and was cited for deer hunting via aid of bait in violation of state (MN) law; trial court upheld conviction, but appellate court reversed; words "placed" and "vicinity" in statute vague as applied to defendant and statute proscribes normal or accepted farming practices from constituting "baiting"; statute not intended to apply to farmers who engage in normal, for them, agricultural practices and then hunt on their own property; statute does not properly delineate baiting from such practices; conviction reversed).