State v. Cooper, 301 P.3d 331 (Kan. Ct. App. 2013)

(issue presented to appellate court as a question reserved after prosecution dismissed based on Privileges or Immunities clause of Fourteenth Amendment of U.S. Constitution; Colorado resident who was legally authorized to use marijuana for medical reasons visited family and friends in Kansas and was in possession of marijuana discovered at traffic stop in Kansas, where possession of marijuana is not authorized; appellate court held enforcement of state statute does not violate limited federal rights protected under Privileges and Immunities clause; state argued only right to become a resident of a state and be treated like other citizen of that state is federally protected in clause; because facts of case were inapposite of this right, issue presented is outside scope of a proper inquiry for a question reserved and court declined to comment on additional questions of federal right to travel or other constitutional rights or challenges that might be raised as a defense).