In re Vecchione, No. 13-42201-MSH, 2013 Bankr. LEXIS 4978 (Bankr. D. Mass. Nov. 20, 2013)

(creditor motions to dismiss debtor’s Chapter 12 case on basis that debtor is not an eligible Chapter 12 debtor; debtor listed assets of 10.5 acres of land valued at $150,000; debtor listed occupation as “nursery manager” and debtor’s wife was bookkeeper for different business; debtor admitted that did not engage in farming operations in commonly understood sense; while court noted that other activities not specifically mentioned in 11 U.S.C. §101(18) can qualify as a farming operation citing In re Watford, 898 F.2d 1525 (11 th Cir. 1990), debtor was not a “family farmer” engaged in farming operations for at least two years since growing pumpkins and watermelons; agritourism not farming operation within letter or spirit of 11 U.S.C. §101(18)); court noted that by debtor’s logic, Disneyland would be a farming operation because it was built on land that had formerly been an orange grove).