Parker v. Obert's Legacy Dairy, LLC, 988 N.E.2d 319 (Ind. Ct. App. 2013)

(defendant expanded existing dairy farm operation from 100-cow dairy to 760-cow dairy by building new milking parlor and freestall barn on tract adjacent to farmstead where plaintiff's family have farmed since early 1800s; plaintiff, neighbor, sued for nuisance; defendant asserted state (IN) right-to-farm statute as defense; court determined that right-to-farm statute barred suit; court determined that expansion of farm does not result necessarily result in loss of statutory protection; expanded farm remained covered under same CAFO permit as original farm; conversion of crop field to dairy facility protected by right-to-farm statute (simply one form of agriculture to another); right-to-farm act applicable to one farmer suing another farmer for nuisance if claim involves odor and loss of property value).