No Dependency Deduction For Non-Custodial Parent.

A married couple had a child, but later divorced.  The ex-wife had custody of the child, but the parties later agreed that the ex-husband could claim the dependency deduction for any year that the ex-husband was current with child support.  That agreement became part of a court order.  However, the IRS determined that the court order was insufficient to give the ex-husband the dependency deduction because the court order was not a "written declaration" signed by the custodial parent.  Such written declaration must be made on either Form 8332 or on a statement that conforms to Form 8332.  In addition, Treas. Reg. Sec. 1.152-4(e)(1)(ii) specified that a court order or decree or a separation agreement may not serve as a written declaration for tax years beginning after Jul. 2, 2008.  While this matter involved a pre Ju. 2, 2008 agreement, it still failed the I.R.C. Sec. 152(e)(2)(A) signature requirement and the requirement that the agreement wasn't unconditional.  Swint v. Comr., 142 T.C. No. 6 (2014).