Myers v. Leedy, 915 N.E.2d 133 (Ind. Sup. Ct. 2009)

(buyer of farmland under installment contract who cash leased the land to tenant defaulted on contract and forfeited interest in land; seller ordered tenant off property and tenant sued for damages; trial court ruled for tenant and appellate court reversed; on further review state Supreme Court reversed appellate court – seller had actual knowledge that tenant was farming the land but failed to join tenant in tenant’s forfeiture action against buyer, and forfeiture of buyer’s interest did not extinguish tenant’s leasehold interest; seller filed suit seeking forfeiture at a time when seller knew or reasonably should have known that tenant was in possession of property and tenant’s leasehold interest survives forfeiture action under state law unless tenant is made party to forfeiture action even though tenant had constructive notice of forfeiture action). 

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