Hazel Green Ranch, LLC v. United States Department of the Interior, No. 10-16519, 2012 U.S. App. LEXIS 15568 (9th Cir. Jul 27, 2012)

(rancher brought suit under federal Quiet Title Act seeking easement rights over county roads leading to Yosemite Valley floor by virtue of status as abutting landowner under state law; district court dismissed claim because county’s claim for ownership of road was dismissed in previous ruling, which was not appealed, so it became final judgment; because rancher’s claim was based solely on county’s ownership, rancher had no claim or easement to road; any damage from loss of easement must be sought against county; further Homestead Act did not save claim as rancher had no specific claim to easement and all common law implied easement claims were extinguished by public grant; appellate court affirmed dismissal with prejudice; concurrence argued no claim existed for rancher separate from public access rights, which are not sufficient to bring claim under Quiet Title Act).