Haggart v. United States, No. 09-103L, 2012 U.S. Claims LEXIS 1603 (Fed. Cl. Ct. Dec. 18, 2012)

(takings claims by different subclasses of landowners involving claims for easements, condemnations, and adverse possession related to conversion of railroad to trails under National Trails System Act Amendments of 1983; court held both subclasses of landowners in which easements were granted had valid takings claim as easements granted were strictly for railroad use and not for public trail use; class members whose land had been condemned for railroad purposes also had takings claims as condemnations were for railroad uses only; court held evidence insufficient to determine ownership of parcels affected by adverse possession, so summary judgment denied as to those parcels with factual inquiry to be developed at trial; court also awarded partial summary judgment holding federal government liable for takings as to any ownership interests proven on the date of the reversion and taking; court also held that measure of damages to be determined would be decrease in value of land by encumbrance of trail easement).