Bynum v. Cal-Maine Farms, Inc., No 3:10-CV-862-DPJ-FKB, 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 104046 (S.D. Miss. Jul. 26, 2012)

(wage and hour dispute in which plaintiff, who was employed at defendant’s hatchery, alleged he was entitled to overtime under Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA); on competing summary judgment motions, court decided issue of whether hatchery’s occasional use of fertilized eggs from outside sources defeated hatchery’s agricultural exemption; FLSA provides that hatchery engaged solely in procuring eggs for hatching and selling chicks is agriculture; court held this was primary agricultural activity for which no “regularity” standard applied, so the use of fertilized eggs from other operations was irrelevant under the statutory definition of "agricultural employee"; summary judgment granted for hatchery and plaintiff’s claims dismissed with prejudice).