Bureau of Labor Statistics Report (USDL-13-0389, Mar. 8, 2013)

(unemployment rate decreased to 7.7 percent during February; 236,000 net new jobs created, but labor-force declined by 300,000; employment/population ratio remained unchanged at 58.6 percent and labor force participation rate declined to 63.5 percent, the lowest level in more than 30 years; revisions to December and January reports subtracted a net 15,000 jobs; record 47,791,996 persons on Food Stamps; total amount of persons not in labor force is 89,304,000 - a new record high; 296,000 fewer persons are employed since the beginning of 2013; unemployment rate 51 percent higher than what Administration promised it would be if 2009 "stimulus" package passed, and 40 percent higher than what Administration promised unemployment would be if 2009 "stimulus" package not passed). 

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