A.M. Todd Co., v B & G Farms, No. 30096-0-III, 2012 Wash App. LEXIS 1668 (Wash. Ct. App. Jul. 19, 2012)

(mint farm signed promissory note to plaintiff; note unpaid and plaintiff accelerated entire outstanding balance, which also was unpaid; plaintiff brought suit to recover balance and interest according to terms of note; trial court granted summary judgment to plaintiff and awarded principal of note plus 12 percent interest from 2008 and attorney fees; mint farm appealed and argued a question of fact existed that it qualified for business compulsion (duress) defense; court disagreed and held pressure was not placed on mint farm by plaintiff, but rather existed because mint farm needed to address its indebtedness, so summary judgment affirmed; court also affirmed award of attorney fees as promissory note provided for payment of attorney fees).